Advice & Warnings

Leptospirosis (Weil's Disease)

Overhead Power Lines


Beware of overhead power cables. They can Kill.

Warning signs are erected wherever overhead power cables are situated on all club waters.

Please read, do not ignore, you may pay with your life.

Litter And The Environment

Litter left on the bank is unacceptable and any person found leaving litter is in contravention of Club Rules. The committe has the power to close waters if complaints regarding litter are received. Any person showing proven disregard to this rule will face disciplinary action which may include expulsion from the club.
Please note that the areas around Kellaways and Peckingell have been designated a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). Members are urged to respect this and not to cause any damage to the river, it's banks or the surrounding environment. Bank digging is strictly prohibited.