Chippenham Angling Club COVID-19

Chippenham Angling Club
Fishing Update

As from the 13th of May 2020 the fishing lakes will reopen.
There will be some additional rules that all anglers
MUST adhere to.
Please read the below statement from the Angling Trust.
The lakes will be regularly monitored by bailiffs.
The Government guidance rules set in place could change at any time.

Advice for individual anglers from the Angling Trust
Phase 1

You should travel to fishing venues on your own or with members of your household – abide by current guidelines on social distancing whilst fishing.

Maintain a distance of 15 metres from other anglers whilst fishing.

Only travel based on what is allowed under current Government guidelines.

Many clubs & fisheries are using booking systems. Check you are permitted to fish before travelling. Fishing without permission is illegal.
Any changes will be updated on Chippenham A.C website and Facebook page.

Pay careful attention to club & fishery notices – if you are unsure speak to a venue for guidance.

Use hand sanitiser before & after touching locks, gates etc. Disposable gloves are recommended.

(This rule will change on the 16th of June to allow nets on Chippenham waters)
No keepnets permitted – current advice still prohibits organised gatherings.

No sharing of fishing tackle or other items under current guidance.

Do not leave home if you have symptoms of Covid-19 and follow Government advice on self-isolation.

No sharing of fishing positions / pegs except by members of the same household.

Please make sure you leave space between others.
If the lakes are full please leave and try another day


Best Practice for the safe resumption of angling competitions in England under
COVID 19 restriction

Running Competitions
Subject to close season, owner and fishery specific restrictions. Competitions will be permitted on all waters where social distancing guidance can be adhered to. This would include commercial fisheries, canals, rivers and lakes.

All competitors will fish on allocated “pegs”. It is the organisers responsibility to ensure that these pegs are appropriately spaced to ensure that social distancing is maintained at all times

Booking in and payment of pools
Anglers should "book on" to a competition as per the organiser’s instructions, usually in advance by phone.
Pools and peg fees should be paid as stipulated by the organiser. Wherever possible avoid cash transactions

Travel / Arrival to venue
Competitors should travel in accordance with current Government guidelines only. On arrival at the venue vehicles should pay strict attention to signage and park under the instructions of the fishery/organiser.
On leaving the vehicle, strict social distancing measures must be adhered to at all times maintaining a minimum of 2 metres apart. No physical greetings handshaking etc. to take place.

The Draw
The draw should be held in accordance with the organiser’s pre-stated process to ensure social distancing is maintained

Where an on-site draw is necessary, to comply with rules on organised gatherings the draw should take place outside conforming to the rules on social distancing.

If using a “raffle style” approach it is recommended that the organiser should be the only person to draw.
When a peg is allocated the angler should immediately make their way to the fishing location as normal.

The draw will start 15 minutes earlier than advertised in all club/open matches.
Anyone who is not there after the advertised time for the draw in the licence will not be allowed to fish.

This will help spread people out when getting to their pegs.

Keepnets and Weigh in
Keepnets are permitted for use in competitions and should be used in accordance with the local fishery rules. Check fishery rules for permission to use if pleasure fishing.
At the end of the competition competitors will be expected to remain at their pegs until the weighing official arrives. Strictly no anglers are permitted to follow the scales.
Ensuring safety and adherence to the social distance guidelines during the weigh-in is the responsibility of the organiser. Two weighing officials will be appointed, one to weigh the fish and the other to record the weights. Weighing officials should consider the use of gloves and masks as a precaution and maintain social distancing measures at all times. The angler should remove their keepnet themselves and transfer the fish into the weigh sling without breaching social distancing guidance (weigh slings of a self-supporting design achieve this). The angler must then step away to allow the weighing official to come in and weigh the fish. The weighing official then calls the weight and the anglers must agree that they are happy with it. The weighing official then returns the fish to the water. The process is then repeated if several weighs are required. Social distancing guidelines i.e. the 2m rule should be obeyed at all times.
Once weighed in the angler will pack up and return directly to their vehicle. In order to avoid breaching Government rules on organised gatherings special attention should be made to the announcement of results at the end of the match.

The match organiser should consider posting results online for competitors to view.

Cash will be exepted but must be placed in the bucket that will be provided.
Social distancing must be observed at all times.

Bring the correct money NO change will be avalible
£10 for club matches and £20 for opens

These are strict rules and if anyone is found to be breaking them
they will be asked to leave the fishing match.
No refund of pools will be given.

All above subject to Government guidelines