Adult and Junior Club Competition Fixtures & Results will be published as soon as they become available after each event.

Competition results of non-Club events will not be published.



In addition to below, see 'Golden Peg' rules.




1. Club Competitions are for Members only.

2. Prior to the draw, all entrants will be required to show a current CAC Permit.

Failure to do so will automatically bar entry.

3. All Competitions are fished to NFA rules.

4. Any member wishing to raise a protest shall send same to the Match Secretary in writing within 24Hrs of the said Competition.

5. Members are invited to send any complaints or suggestions to the Match Secretary which will be dealt      with by the Committee.

6. Pools are optional.

7. There is no charge for entry to club competitions except the Christmas Match.

Entry to the Christmas Match is by pre-paid ticket only.

8. An aggregate cup will be fished for on all nominated Club Competitions.

9. Match results may be published in the press and on the Club Website.



Pockeridge 5 Hour Match Record 88lb 12oz - Alex Hyde


Burbrook 5 Hour Match Record 46lb - Mark Wooldridge