Specimen Fishing

Chippenham Angling Club is well known for it's Match Fishing but we also have a great many Specimen Anglings that enjoy our waters and the following pages are for Specimen Anglers to show of their catches.


We are also looking for people to write short articles, share their stories, send in news and submit their photos as well as come up with ideas on how to expand this section of our website.


The Photos below were submitted by Vince Cater of fish caught on Chippenham Waters by himself and his brother who are regular Specimen Anglers.

5lb 2oz chub 4lb 14oz chub 10lb 8oz barbel perch 2lb 5oz

10lb 8oz Barbel caught at Kellaways

2lb 5oz Perch Monkton park

5lb 2oz Chub Kellaways

4lb 14oz Chub  Peckingell

Anybody who wants to know more about Vince's Angling Adventures click here to find out more.